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Outline of how the illegal dumping process works.
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Clean-up/Rubbish Removal

L & S Construction is highly experienced working with respective counties and their inspectors in handling matters such as illegal dumping. Illegal dumping is the act of disposing of solid waste at a location that is not a permitted disposal facility or that is not otherwise authorized for the disposal of solid waste. The problems of illegal dumping pose significant social, environmental, and economic impacts statewide. L & S Construction is committed to protecting our environment and assisting property owners in removing illegal dumping and disposing at local facilities.

If you have received a citation and are in need of our services we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. We understand illegal dumping can be a frustrating process. We do whatever it takes to make the process seamless and stress-free for all of our customers. Please take a look on our website under Testimonials and see what past clients have stated about their experience.

Below is an outline of how the illegal dumping process works.

1.) Fax letter issued by County of Los Angeles Public Health to our office at (661) 575-0207. *Please include applicable Assessor Parcel Maps if available as well as contact information, including e-mail address or fax number, dependent upon method you desire to receive estimate*

2.) L & S Construction will conduct a visual inspection of property as well as correspond with issuing Registered Environmental Health Specialist to determine what needs to be completed to fulfill requirements.

3.) L & S Construction will prepare a written estimate and send via mail, fax, or e-mail dependent upon your request. In most occasions we will also send “before” photos of the property for customer’s review. All of our prices include labor, equipment, inspector correspondence, and dump fees.

4.) Upon written acceptance of estimate and receipt of deposit we will schedule job and notify Los Angeles County our company will be handling the clean-up. We will correspond with inspector during entire process.

5.) Once job has been completed, our company sets up an inspection date. Once inspected you will receive written correspondence, usually by e-mail, from Health Specialist stating the case against your property has been closed.

6.) Upon final invoice, we will send “after” photos for your records as well as provide proof of disposal of debris on your property.

Additional Options:

In addition to the clean-up of your property, we also offer additional services to prevent illegal dumping in the future. Dirt Berms: Dirt berms can be added to the access road to the property to prevent illegal dumping. These are constructed using our heavy equipment to build a barrier with dirt to make it difficult for access to your property. Please see sample to the right.

Signs: Warning signs can also be added to the property stating the code violations for trespassing and illegal dumping. Please see sample to the right.


L & S Construction can assist you with various concrete jobs including curb and gutter and driveway and walkways. We are properly licensed, insured, and bonded to handle all types of Public Works projects. For a specific job, please contact our office directly.

Construction Materials

L & S Construction can handle your transporting needs of any kind of construction materials

  • Asphalt
  • Decomposed Granite
  • Gravel
  • Rock
  • Sand
  • Soils

Please contact our office directly, and we can give you a quote dependent upon your location and the amount of material you need.


L & S Construction can handle all of your excavation needs from digging, trenching, leveling, and grading. We can also demolish structures. Below is a list of our backhoe attachments:

  • Breaker
  • Auger

Underground Utilities

L & S Construction specializes in the installation of underground utilities, including electrical, telephone and cable. We also install domestic water services, a certified contractor of LA County Waterworks.

Fire Hydrant Installation

We are a recommended subcontractor for Los Angeles County Waterworks. We install your fire hydrant according to the specifications given in the engineered plans.